“Brand” New

Unlike the photo, welcome to my “Brand” new personal brand site.

I am THE Peter Smith after all, not just A Peter Smith, so I need a brand for that alone.

Honestly though, it’s more just a place to rant, or sound off, or to explore and talk about my interests, and give you a little knowledge about me.

I’m not looking for a job, but the theme had a resume template, so I posted that too, gives you a little of my history to add to the mix.

Mostly you’ll find some of my photos, my travel experiences, my writing, and just in general, all me, all the time.

Feel free to explore, give me feedback, and ask any questions on anything at all.

i really don’t expect more than the occasional visit, but I do like having such a site, if only to blog about things that don’t fit my Newfoundland Nostalgia blog.

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