80’s Memories

I’m sure each generation has their own time period that defines them in some way, and they can’t imagine how it must be like for newer generations to never experience it.

For me that’s the eighties.  The music seemed more real, people sang, they weren’t autotuned.  The hairspray! God the hairspray! Black Jeans, Acid Wash Jeans.

Iil_570xn-1056419198_71n8t was a little of everything.  Remember Brooks “suits”? The nylon pants and jackets that everyone wore?

And the music? Hair Metal bands like White Lion.  Harder rock like Def Leppard, Van Halen, Cinderella.  And another British Invasion with music from Thompson Twins, Howard Jones, Spandau Ballet, and more.

There were no mp3s.  If you were lucky you had a walkman, or more likely a generic cheaper version.  And you played mix tapes that you recorded from your friends cassettes and vinyl, or sometimes directly from the radio.

It was my youth I guess, my formative years, and I can’t imagine not living through it, and am glad I did.  Right now, its a sunny evening back home, and I’m walking the roads in my brooks sneakers and jacket, and probably my old white brooks sweatshirt too.  Or I’m in a car with Phil Collins or T’Pau or something similar playing.

Days of yore.  Now get off my lawn!

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