Imagination Lost?

Remember when we were kids? (Well I guess that depends on your age).  There was a travel game called car bingo, and I’m sure its still around in some form.  4ea8a20dbfe9ff186236f55ef57a01db

The object was to fill your card, or a line, or whatever, based upon the models you spotted while traveling.  And in my day at least, the game could be hard, mainly because most people only had domestics, and you rarely saw a VW, or even a Honda. But when you did, they were instantly recognizable.

Now though, you can drive down the street, and often, without seeing the badge, you can’t tell if its a Chev, or a Ford, or a VW, or a Hyundai, or sadly, even a Jaguar.

I know there are lots of reasons, some being to do with aerodynamics, others likely to do with risk aversion.  But I miss the days of exciting different cars. Except for the Fiat and the Mini, there really isn’t much difference nowadays, at least here in Canada.

And its a shame.

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